Rhinology (Allergy & Sinus) : Smell and Taste Program

Smell and Taste Program

A loss of the sense of smell can be a serious and difficult-to-treat problem. UHealth, the University of Miami Health System Department of Otolaryngology has established a Smell and Taste Program, led by Dr. Brad Goldstein, to evaluate and treat patients presenting with problems with the sense of smell. Under the direction of Dr. Roy Casiano, UHealth Rhinology treats a spectrum of nasal and sinus disorders; the Smell and Taste Program now adds expert care focusing on sensory problems. Although some patients with anosmia (a loss of smell) may be found to have obstructive causes such as nasal polyps or sinusitis, which can respond to existing therapies, many patients have conditions that have damaged the olfactory receptor cells, such as previous viral infection or head injury. However, we are researching olfaction and testing new therapies for anosmia in IRB-approved studies at UM.

For appointments with Dr. Goldstein for smell or taste disorders at UHealth Otolaryngology, please call (305) 243-3564.