Research : Rhinology and Sinus Research

Rhinology and Sinus Research

Ongoing projects with mentor faculty range from prospective clinical trials, to retrospective series reviews, meta-analyses, or working in our anatomy lab describing innovative surgical techniques and/or surgical devices. Current studies looking at nasal polyp growth, olfactory function, postoperative medical topical therapies in chronic rhinosinusitis patients, and variety of endoscopic minimally invasive surgical techniques to remove malignant tumors, and anatomical studies (in our cadaver lab).

Rhinology research is also focused on studying the biology of neural stem cells in the olfactory system of the nose, and the potential therapeutic applications of these stem cells including a characterization of the biochemical phenotypes of certain olfactory basal progenitor and stem cells, that have helped to develop a transplantation-based lineage assay for these cell types.