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Quick Access Links


With MyUhealthChart, you can access your medical records electronically online. It provides new, convenient methods of communication with your doctor’s office. You can renew prescriptions, send messages, and schedule appointments – all online.

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

As South Floria-s only academic-based cancer center, Sylvester continues to be the cancer center for UHealth, the University of Miami Health System. A university-based center for clinical, academic and research on all forms of cancer.

Head and Neck Cancer Clinical Trials

As an academic-based cancer center, Sylvester consistantly is involved in research and clinical trials for all forms of cancer. A direct llink to all the ACTIVE clinical trials with detailed information regarding each triala long with investigator name and link to contact information regarding the specific trial.

Cancer News with Sylvester

The latest news along with archive news links and articles on all forms of cancer at Sylvester.

ONC-Live / Head and Neck Cancers

An online resource for oncology professionals, caregivers, and patients for the latest information on all forms of cancer. The link goes directly to the Head and Neck cancer section of ONC-Live.

The Lennar Foundation Medical Center

Specialized, individualized care for oncology. A location delivering revolutionizing personalized health care for cancer. Located in Coral Gables and serving surrounding communities of South Florida.