Patient Testimonials : Robert Harper

Robert Harper

Having gone to a local doctor initially, I was diagnosed with stage 1, totally incapsulated vocal cord cancer. I was operated on, the cancer was supposedly, removed and as a precautionary measure, I then had 38 radiation treatments. All to no avail as the cancer returned worse than before.

I then contacted Dr. R. Komotar at the University of Miami who referred Dr. David Rosow, an outstanding practitioner in the ENT field. Upon meeting with Dr. Rosow, my nieces, Mrs. Jay Cohen and Dr. Susan Hepner Dion, in tow, he examined me thoroughly, explained what had to be done and the possible outcomes I could expect.

The next time I saw Dr. Rosow was in the pre-op room at the University of Miami. To say I was nervous is an extreme understatement. Dr. Rosow was very calming. The operation was more extensive than expected and 70% of my right vocal cord was removed. This was almost two years ago.

Since then I have seen the doctor every six weeks the first year and every eight weeks the second year. Hopefully the next visit will be as successful as the last ones, and then I will be on a four month callback.

Through all of this Dr. Rosow has held my hand and comforted me as he thoroughly examines and explains to me what is happening.

I absolutely credit Dr. Rosow with not only saving my voice, but with saving my life. His name is mentioned every year at the Thanksgiving dinner table!

Robert Harper