Patient Testimonials : James Thomas

James Thomas

My name is James Thomas. I host a radio show in South Florida on WHQT -FM, Hot 105, from 10 AM until 3 PM Monday through Friday. After growing concerned of not being able to shake a hoarseness for a few weeks I shared my concerns with a friend from New York City. Along with my wife, my friend suggested that I see a doctor and said she had a friend an anesthesiologist who worked in a New York City hospital who knew of this great doctor in Miami. With the help of an associate of hers I was introduced to Dr. Rosow. Wow what a blessing! It was my belief, based on all that I heard from others, that the kind of medical care and service I would receive from Dr. Rosow and his staff was a lost art. I was examined on a Tuesday and was told that I had a pair of blisters on my vocal chords. I was scheduled for laser removal procedure on the following Friday. After resting Saturday, and Sunday I return to work on Monday taking it easy with no vocal strain for the next few days. I have yet to stop telling everyone that I me how great the service was the care was and how professional the entire staff was to me. As for the results of the procedure, I want to believe that I’m better than I’ve ever been. Thank you Dr. Rosow and staff for all that you’ve done for me, my family and my career.

We love you more,

James T