Patient Testimonials : Evelyn Shareff

Evelyn Shareff

I, Evelyn Shareff, turned to clinical program in the Department of Otolaryngology, having been referred with a Dx. of “Bowed Vocal Chords”.

I was fortunate in engaging Dr. David E. Rosow in this regard. He confirmed the Dx. using scans and scoping of my vocal chords.

At the time, I could barely speak audibly, and had completely lost my operatic voice. From a big Spinto Voice, I could barely do any audible singing. Dr. Rosow referred me for “Voice Therapy” and I was assigned to Amanda G. Demane.

Amanda proved to be a brilliant, and wise therapist. She knew exactly how to engage and patiently worked with my tiny voice complicated by a post nasal drip and practically collapsed abdominal muscles which provided little support for my diaphragm. She gave me just the right sounds and progression to engage my resonance. She coached me to breathe more and grow my ability to support sound. She was a constant source of encouragement and quickly gained my trust. While lacking confidence in myself, I became more and more confident in Amanda. I had many doubts but even greater desire to hear my operatic voice. Amanda guided me from speaking to singing a phrase. I was most hesitant, but Amanda was “a rock”.. She sat, quietly facing me, and asserted “you can do this”; and do it I did. I heard a voice which I had not heard for about 8 years. With tears, I could only say “thank you” which had more emotion than the words could convey.

I’m still lacking in strength and consistency, but know I’m working with the best people to guide my complete healing. I am hopeful and most grateful to Amanda for her steady support, skill, encouragement and wisdom.

I must also give my thanks to Dr. Rosow for his excellent judgement when prescribing this therapy.

Most Sincerely,

Evelyn Shareff