Patient Testimonials : Enrique Santos

Enrique Santos

I visited Dr. David Rosow after several weeks of severe hoarseness which had changed my voice and was seriously impeding my daily performance. As a broadcaster my voice quality is imperative and I was concerned that my voice would never sound the same. Dr. Rosow found a polyp on one of my vocal cords which was the cause of my diminished voice quality. Together, we determined that it was best to remove the growth surgically. Dr. Rosow patiently assured me with the utmost confidence that in his hands my voice would return to exactly as it was before the polyp. My surgery was scheduled quickly, my polyp removed and after strict voice rest my raspiness was gone. My voice is back, the frog in my throat is no more and I owe it all thanks to the qualified hands of Dr. David Rosow and the pros at UHealth Miami Voice Center. The team made me feel at ease and handled every aspect of my procedure to the highest level of respect and privacy. ¬°Gracias Doctor Rosow!

Enrique Santos – Syndicated Univision Radio & UniMas TV Host