This week’s Focusing on You features Dr. Diane Martinez, Cochlear Implant Audiologist, on the new cochlear implant technology advancements available to you at University of Miami Health System in South Florida.

This week’s Focusing on You features Dr. Tricia Scaglione, Director of the Tinnitus Clinic and Clinical Audiologist, on the latest in tinnitus diagnoses and treatments available to you at the University of Miami Health System Ear Institute in South Florida.

UHealth’s Dr. Michael E. Hoffer discusses VR Goggles, a new portable device which helps physicians effectively diagnose concussions in athletes and other individuals who have sustained a traumatic head injury.

Dr. Jose Ruiz discusses chronic sinus problems and treatment available with endoscopic surgery.

Dr. Kari Morgenstein discusses hearing loss and the options available from the Children’s Hearing Program

This week’s segment features the chairman of the otolaryngology department, Dr. Fred Telischi, as he discusses the childrens’ hearing loss the option of cochlear implants.