Laryngology & Voice

Laryngology and Voice

The UHealth Laryngology and Voice Division provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for a wide spectrum of vocal problems ranging from simple hoarseness to vocal fatigue, difficulty with singing, and vocal spasms. We also evaluate and manage airway disorders and problems with swallowing. Our multi-disciplinary team of specialists includes Laryngologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, and other professionals like singing teachers, neurologists, and pulmonologists, as needed. Patients of all ages and vocal backgrounds are welcome to seek care with our voice team; we frequently see patients from the US, Latin America and the Caribbean. Specific groups of voice users who often require our services include teachers, preachers, singers, actors, executives, and other professionals with high vocal demands. It is recommended that anyone experiencing voice difficulties or changes lasting longer than 3-4 weeks should have a voice evaluation to assess the condition as soon as possible and hopefully avoid the development of more severe symptoms.

Individuals with voice complaints undergo a comprehensive evaluation by the team and recommendations are given at the time of visit. By using the latest technology, our specialists can study the vocal folds in slow motion and evaluate important acoustical properties as well as aerodynamic measures of the voice.


  • Therapeutic and surgical management of vocal fold polyps, nodules, and cysts
  • * Office-based injection procedures and other treatments for vocal fold paralysis
  • * Assessment, counseling, and treatment for spasmodic dysphonia including office-based Botox injections
  • * Endoscopic laser surgery for laryngeal cancer
  • * Voice therapy to help restore your voice and maintain an effective and efficient speaking voice
  • * Singing voice intervention
  • * Evaluation and treatment for tracheotomy dependence and airway narrowing
  • * Complex tracheal reconstruction procedures for airway scarring
  • Management of hoarseness related to Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and other neurological disorders
  • * Augmentative communication assessment and treatment
  • * Evaluation and treatment for swallowing disorders

Treatment to restore your voice can include changes in diet and lifestyle, exercise, medications, therapy, injection procedures, the use of lasers and/or surgery.

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