Head and Neck Cancer Patient Resource Program

Head and Neck Cancer Patient Resource Program

Welcome to the Sylvester Head and Neck Cancer Patient Resource Program. It is dedicated to our cancer patients to be a central part in their journey towards recovery.

Now that you have completed your treatment protocol, it’s back to your life, but things have changed. You are a different person than you were before your diagnosis. Even after enough time has passed that your doctors are confident your cancer will not recur, your cancer treatment and changes to your body may require ongoing attention.

That’s where your Sylvester clinical team comes into play. When you finish treatment, you aren’t out-of-sight, out-of-mind. From physical discomfort to emotional stress, cancer and its treatment can affect all aspects of your life from start to well after treatment ends. That’s why the Sylvester head and neck team focuses on rehabilitative and supportive oncology services to ensure you and your loved ones receive comprehensive, multi-specialty care that addresses any physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs you may have during and after cancer treatment. We want you to thrive as a cancer survivor.


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