Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery : Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Procedures

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Procedures


Functional Rhinoplasty

Dr. Grunebaum has performed hundreds of nasal surgeries to improve nasal breathing.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Dr. Grunebaum is also an expert in cosmetic refinement of nasal appearance. She commonly performs this procedure at the same time as surgery to improve nasal breathing.


Dr. Grunebaum treats lower face and neck aging with facelift. Facelift can be combined with other cosmetic treatments such as facial lipsculpture to add volume as well as eyelid and brow surgery for maximal improvement in appearance.

Post Parotidectomy Reconstruction

Dr. Grunebaum is an expert in FAT (free abdominal fat transfer) reconstruction to minimize contour problems and scarring after parotidectomy.

Skin Cancer

Dr. Grunebaum is an expert in reconstruction of the nose, lips, ears, forehead and cheeks after skin cancer excision. Her goal is to maintain and restore function of these areas after skin cancer removal while maintaining the best aesthetic outcome. She also manages post-surgical scars that can occur from these surgeries.