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International Mini-Fellowships in Otolaryngology

The minifellowship programs in otolaryngology, are subspecialty-based rotations designed for the otolaryngologists in their final year of training, or in otolaryngology practice, who wish to enhance their surgical skill set and fund of knowledge, in a particular subspecialty of otolarynogology. The number of participants per month, as well as the maximum number of months the participant can attend, may vary between the minifellowship programs available.

As with the purely observership programs, the participant observes their faculty mentors in the operating rooms and clinics, at our main teaching facilities on the University of Miami Medical Campus . They also have full access to all weekly otolaryngology teaching conferences on campus, which are provided to our residents and fellows. A schedule of weekly educational activities, clinics, and surgeries, will be provided to the participants. Unlike the observership programs, participants in the minifellowship programs also receive personalized subspecialty specific lectures (live or prerecorded) by their faculty mentors, as well as assigned cadaveric surgical dissections which constitutes their main “hands-on” experience. If the participant is interested in more than one minifellowship during their stay in Miami, this can also be arranged. The official language is English. However, most of the faculty mentors and staff speak Spanish as well, for Latin American participants.

International Neurotology Minifellowship

The program focuses on enhancing knowledge in otology and neurotology. As part of the minifellowship, doctors are permitted to observe the activities of the Ear Institute which include otology clinic, audiology clinic, surgery, scheduled conferences and Grand Rounds. There is opportunity for using the microsurgery laboratory to practice otologic surgery in cadaveric specimens under the supervision of faculty members. Minifellowships may last anywhere from two weeks to two months.

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3 Weeks Panamerican International Rhinology Minifellowship Program

This program focuses on training in the use of sinus endoscopy equipment and basic and advanced sinonasal, skull base, and orbital anatomy. This will involve multiple cadaveric dissections (minimum of 1 dissection per week), lectures, and observation in the operating rooms and clinics.


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