Ear Institute : Cochlear Implant Center

Cochlear Implant Program

One of the busiest and most comprehensive programs of its kind in the country, the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Cochlear Implant Program was established in 1990 to understand and treat a variety of hearing, balance and communication disorders.

Under the direction of Thomas Balkany, M. D. the institute has helped restore hearing to more than 1,000 deaf children and adults. A multidisciplinary team of specialists from a variety of clinical areas including otology, audiology, speech pathology, psychology and educational services work together to ensure the program’s success.

All patients referred for cochlear implants are evaluated by our professionals to determine if they are eligible for the device. Our specialists can then effectively address the communication and educational needs, as well as the psychological adjustment issues of implant use by both pediatric and adult patients.

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