Department Specialties

Otolaryngology Specialties

This team of experts in ears, nose and throat provides the highest quality standards in clinical care, procedures, and treatments in concert with world-renowned health care initiatives. The physicians, researchers, technicians, and support staff are dedicated to providing patients with full spectrum of Otolaryngology specialties of services and programs dedicated to one goal … your good health.

UHealth Otolaryngology provides a comprehensive list of expertise, including:


The UHealth Ear Institute is one of the most acknowledged and recognized clinical and surgical institutes in the country. It has expertise in otology, neuro-otology, audiology, vestibular disorders, tinnitus, and auditory implants. Our pediatric component consists of our Children’s Hearing Program (CHP), and the Kids Hear Now (KHN) Cochlear Implant Family Resource Center.

The Children’s Hearing Program at UHealth focuses on early hearing detection and intervention. The program is a unique resource for more than 12,000 babies born with hearing loss each year in the U.S. Services provided include:

  • Hearing evaluations
  • Speech therapy
  • Education
  • Research
  • Family support
  • Community outreach
  • The Oliver’s Hearing Aid Bank (OHAB), which provides children with loaner hearing aids, bone-anchored devices, and other assistive listening devices.

The Cochlear Implant Center at UHealth provides clinical care and research on cochlear implants to help treat a variety of hearing, balance, and communication. Its Family Resource Center was established to create a seamless process that considers the social and emotional aspects of children with hearing loss and their families. The center strives for early identification and comprehensive evaluation of young children with severe to profound hearing loss. A multidisciplinary team, that includes otology, audiology, speech pathology, psychology, and patient education experts, work together to ensure the program’s success.


The UHealth Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Division is a fully integrated group of surgeons specializing in reconstructive solutions, including facelifts and rhinoplasty, as well as treatment for skin-related conditions involving cancer and general skincare. The surgical team is recognized and has published in various national media and publications for their expertise in facial and reconstructive surgery.


The Head and Neck Surgery Division has a comprehensive, elite, multi-specialty team that specializes in diagnosis and treatment of head and neck conditions. This division is consistently recognized for its collaborative clinical treatment of patients with Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and its recognized successful clinical trials and research in head, neck, and oral cancer treatments.


The UHealth Laryngology and Voice Division provides accurate and comprehensive care for the larynx or the voice box. This division focuses on the vocal health conditions that people face every day, as well as specializing in treating those individuals whose careers rely on their vocal abilities, from performing artists to public speakers.

Through our Performing Arts Program, our team of vocal health professionals specializes in vocal care management. Most have backgrounds in the performing arts, resulting in a thorough understanding of the care needs of career vocal artists.


Children with ear, nose, and throat conditions require specialized care and personal attention. At UHealth Pediatric Otolaryngology, kids are cared for and evaluated by world-class, caring people who happen to be renowned otolaryngologists with advanced fellowship training.


Our team of Rhinology, Allergy and Sinus physician experts diagnose, evaluate and treat a wide spectrum of nasal conditions, from simple nosebleeds to severe levels of sinusitis and many allergies which are some of the most common disorders today.


UHealth Sleep Medicine / Sleep Surgery is quickly becoming one of the most comprehensive sleep medicine programs in South Florida. The UHealth sleep center, which is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, increases the awareness of sleep disorders in public and professional communities.


Our Speech and Language Pathology experts work collaboratively with other specialists in diagnosing, evaluating, and treating speech impediments, speaking disorders, and swallowing difficulties through clinical, surgical, and treatments. These speech disorders range from challenges in producing vocal sounds to problems expressing ideas, and even feeding and swallowing disorders.