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Oliver’s Hearing Aid Bank

Established by 12-year-old patient, Oliver Stern, Oliver’s Hearing Aid Bank provides hearing aids to children with hearing loss who financially qualify. Oliver’s hearing aid bank collects “unwanted” or surplus hearing aids that are then checked and reprogrammed for use.

Oliver has been a patient at the UHealth Ear Institute since age two. He was born deaf and wore hearing aids until age four when he was surgically implanted with cochlear implants by Dr. Fred Telischi, UHealth Otolaryngology Chairman. Oliver has received therapy and audiology services and he continues to serve as a grateful patient and ambassador of the Ear Institute.


Send us your old hearing aid, to give the gift of hearing to those in need. Any make or model, regardless of age, can be donated. All donations are tax deductible* and a letter of acknowledgment will be sent to all donors.
Three easy steps:

  1. Place the hearing aid in a crush-proof box, old pill bottle, or other secure package.
  2. Register and insure the package, if possible, to ensure that receipt of your donated device.
  3. Mail to:

UHealth Ear Institute
ATTN: Oliver’s Hearing Aid Bank
1120 Northwest 14th Street, 5th Floor
Miami, Florida 33136