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Center for Hereditary Deafness


Hearing loss is one of the most popular medical conditions each year. It is present in over 12,000 newborn children every year. About 60% of congenital hearing loss is due changes in our genes. Hearing loss in adults and older children is often caused by changes in genes.

We know there are many genes which cause hearing loss. Hearing loss can be non-syndromic or syndromic. When the hearing loss is the only symptom, it is referred to as non-syndromic. Non-syndromic hearing loss is more frequent (70-85%). Research of genetic factors in deafness has refined the molecular mechanism in human hearing.


  • Participation is voluntary
  • Study is at no cost to teh participant
  • All infomration is kept confideantial
  • For participants with familial hearing loss only


  • Consent forms
  • Review of family medical history
  • Hearing loss clinical exam
  • Blood sample from participant and immediate family (if available)